Jewelry Care

Caring for your Thicket jewelry

Avoid chemical contact with your fine jewelry

We believe that jewelry is meant to be worn, to be loved, and to last. That said, taking good care of fine jewelry is critical so that you can wear it for years to come.

It's always advisable to remove jewelry before exercising, swimming or using harsh chemicals such as cleaning solutions. Thicket pieces are made with sterling silver and solid 14k gold, both of which can be affected by strong chemicals such as chlorine. If you use your hands for work or for other pursuits like gardening or cooking, it's also a good idea to remove rings and bracelets.

Cleaning and storing your jewelry

You can clean your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth or by placing it in a bowl with a gentle soap (a mild dish detergent works well) and burnishing gently with a soft toothbrush. If your piece includes oxidized sterling silver avoid vigorous polishing to preserve the darkened finish.

Wearing your silver jewelry often is the best prevention against tarnishing! Storing your silver jewelry in a closed jewelry box or pouch, rather than out in the open on a dresser top, will dramatically reduce tarnishing. If tarnishing does occur you can use a soft jewelry cloth to remove it. Wrapping a necklace chain around a square of card stock before storing can help avoid tangles. If you do encounter a tangle in a fine chain a sewing pin (or two!) can be very helpful in untangling.

Thicket can help

Thicket will clean, re-oxidize and/or repair any piece of Thicket jewelry at any point in its lifetime. Email if you have a piece in need of some love or you have any questions about the care of your Thicket jewelry.

The Thicket website intentionally allows you to purchase a single earring in the event you ever lose one and need a replacement.

The items below will help you take care of your jewelry and customize it to make it truly your own.

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