Custom Bands

Thicket custom bands are inspired by the natural world and made from sustainable, recycled fine metals. Thicket custom bands can be used as bands in a wedding ceremony but they can also be created to celebrate all kinds of milestones. 

Sustainability & Ethics

Pricing & Details

Custom Bands Pricing


bands between 2-3 mm wide and not more than 1.5 mm thick




between 3-5 mm and 1-2 mm thick




bands over 5 mm wide and more than 2 mm thick


Custom Band Gallery

Interested in a custom band?

Send me a note to schedule a complimentary design consultation. After the consultation I will provide you with quotes for the options we discuss. Once you decide which option is right for you and the deposit is placed your rings will be underway! 

Pieces from Thicket’s botanical, mineral, and fauna collections make meaningful articles to wear during your ceremony or as gifts for your wedding parties. 

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