Thicket's September price increase

Hi friends,

Running a handmade business is one of the hardest and most joyfilled things I've done. And it's humbling whenever you choose to spend money - which comes down to your time and your energy - on a piece I have made.

I'm very grateful.

The casting house I have worked with for many years recently raised their labor charges.

Part of running this business is the ongoing practice of aligning and re-aligning it with my values. And one of those values is that creative people and craftspeople should be paid fairly. So I support my casting house's decision to raise their labor charges. But it does have an impact on the costs of production for my business.

On September 1st Thicket's prices on this website and in our Portland, Maine retail space will go up to reflect the new costs. (You have until August 31st to shop at the current prices as I work through the castings created at the previous costs - so if there's a piece you have your eye on now is a good time!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And thank you so much for supporting this small business - that support ripples through to the other amazing small businesses I work with.

As ever-