Permanent Bracelet Welding

Thicket's permanent bracelets are claspless. Instead, they are welded on to be worn effortlessly every day.

Bracelet welding appointments are available by appointment - book through this link. Be sure to book a separate appointment for each person.

Walk-in appointments are available only by chance.

We have an assortment of 14k gold and sterling silver chains you will be able to choose from at your appointment.

Sterling silver options start at $100 and solid 14k gold options start at $130. These prices include the cost of welding.

Yes! The simplest way for you to gift a permanent bracelet is to accompany the recipient to their appointment. Alternatively you can purchase a gift card they can use toward their bracelet.

Maybe - but quite possibly no. If you're in the neighborhood you're welcome to stop by but our welder isn't always on site and when it is set up if appointment blocks are fully booked we may not be able to accommodate you. If you're making a special trip we definitely recommend you book an appointment.

The calendar is up to date and the only appointment times are the ones you see available. Sometimes there are cancellations so feel free to check back.

It doesn't hurt! There is a buzzing-zap sound made by the welder as it makes the weld. The spark from the weld is very bright but we take care to position a divider between you and the welder so it will be out of your line of sight.

You can use a pair of sharp scissors or snips or wire cutters if you ever need to remove your bracelet. If you would like to have it re-welded at a later date take care to cut at the tiny ring where the chain is joined.

Permanent bracelets are worn constantly, and subject to all kinds of wear, so although they can last for years and years we are not able to guarantee that they will last for any specific period of time. If your bracelet ever does break keep the chain and it can likely be re-welded.

In most cases, yes. If you have cut the bracelet at the ring that connects the chain we should be able to re-weld it. Book a welding appointment and bring your chain.

There is a $15 fee for re-welding bracelets.

Yes. Events start at $250 plus the cost of bracelets. Send an email to to inquire.